Preparation for financial audit


Do you pay too much for an annual audit of your financial statements? You have tried but did not succeed to negotiate a more favorable price for the auditor’s services? So just know that there is a simple way to save your money and that is a more focused preparation for the audit.


Preparation for the audit does not have be too detailed or time consuming, it will just be more specifically focused on those key areas that are of auditor‘s interest. If you are not ready for the audit in the right way, then the auditor is going to spend too much time on sorting and analysing your accounting documents. And since „time is money“, the auditor will then charge you also for his non-productive time. And the total time spent on the audit is by far the most important cost for the auditor. So if you manage to save some time for your auditor, then you automatically earn significant leverage to negotiate lower fees for audit.


The service of preparation for a financial audit is especially interesting for companies that have expensive auditor from Big Four (Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PWC), but also from other international audit firms. We have extensive experience working with large audit firms and we know perfectly how they work, what they are focused on and know how to save their time.


We will set your preparation for the audit in an optimal way and help you negotiate a better price for the audit and therefore achieve considerable savings for the future.